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DFM Releases a New Grapple!

We recently unveiled our premier grapple rake, the HD84 (Heavy Duty 84") Grapple Rake.

Dougherty Forestry Mfg. Ltd. recently unveiled their premier grapple rake, the HD84 (Heavy Duty 84") Grapple Rake.  This heavy duty grapple carries the same toughness and innovation you'de expect from their best-selling line of TurboSaw™ products. The HD84 frame is built os 1/2" thick steel. The tines are welded all the way to the tips which prevent them from bending sideways if they contact a rock or stump.  Additionaly, the HD84 design allows the tines to float across the ground so valuable grassland won't be disturbed. Other key features to note are the 84" width, generous rollback angle, and protected grapple cylinders. The cylinders are completely covered by a steel shield to prevent damage.

Published on 18 April 2014

2014 Hydraulic Rotator

DFM releases its 2014 hydraulic rotator model.

DFM releases its 2014 hydraulic rotator model. This much anticipated RT2600 & RT3000 brings significant improvements to TurboSaw™'s line of commercial cutters. The high speed attachment still carries the signiture features that make it the best-selling cutter in its class and adds new features that reinforce why TurboSaw™ remains at the forefront of the industry. The 2014 models have an improved rotator design with NO grease zerks, rotator shaft with ball bearings, a stronger boom design, easy acces panels, and a new rotate valve for simpler hose routing. these models also feature the next generation of carbide teeth; the TS3 Cutting Tooth.

Published on 18 April 2014

DFM Builds a New Aircraft Hanger

New Hanger at Hinton Airport (2O8)

Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing is proud to put the finishing touches on our new corporate aircraft hangar.  The 2,700 square foot hanger is located at Hinton Municipal Airport (2O8) in Hinton, Oklahoma and houses DFM’s Cessna 177B. The Cessna which has an 695 mile range between fueling, recently underwent a modern avionics upgrade. The new hanger is located across the street from DFM manufacturing’s facility and the aircraft allows for better serviceability to our dealers and customers for years to come.


Published on 20 September 2013